Dundas Fall Photography

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Hayley & Darren took part in a year long labor of love, an attempt to take a four season panoramic photograph.  It seemed like a simple idea at first, venturing out into the Dundas Valley, to the same location, four times a year.  Which turned into a hunt for the perfect summer day.  The bar was then set for trying to get similar lighting, similar skyline and finding the time in our busy schedules to get out to the trail for each of those circumstances, for the remaining three seasons. Four trips turned into dozens and the culmination was something that we are truly proud to display. Many hours later, hiding behind a computer monitor, Darren managed to merge Hayley’s work into what you see displayed today.  Enjoy!  These prints are available for sale, framed in solid wood, that Taffography reclaims and recycles and repurposed.  Please contact us, if interested for the holiday season.



  1. Amy Wagner says

    I absolutely love the original, natural, gorgeous product that Taffography creates. I will now only have my children photographed by Hayley and Darren. Fantastic service, friendly professionals, adaptable to any situation. ! <3

    • says

      Thank you so much Amy for the kind words, we are flattered!
      If its not too much bother, would you mind searching taffography on google maps and leaving a review on our google places page? We would really appreciate it.

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