Dundas photographer’s newborn shoot ends with snuggles

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Welcome to the world baby Mackenzie! I took Taffography out of Dundas for a trip to Guelph to visit with a newly expanded family. These kids were amazing, sweet and so much fun. They were a joy to work with! Baby Mackenzie was an angel, clearly feeling the calming effect of a house filled with so much love. Lacking the expected stress of a home with 3 very young children, this Dundas photographer couldn’t help but come away feeling peaceful and blessed to have spent a little time with them.


  1. Carrie says

    It was an act…. :-) I get comments on this image all the time, and my 3 monkeys are currently my screensaver! I can’t wait to do it again – this time with an interactive baby not still curled up! You were AMAZING. And THANK YOU.

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