Taffography, Dundas – A Lovely Engagement, That Became A Beautiful Wedding

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Chris & Ashley had us photograph their engagement last year and most recently had us at their wedding.  We had a great time capturing the beautiful newly weds with their friends and family. Taffography made the journey from Dundas, to meet up at Niagara on the Lake at the Kurtz Orchards. Truly a photographers dream, a vineyard wedding on a beautiful warm sunny afternoon.  The light was perfect, the backdrop out of a painting and our couple seemed to have been cut from a magazine.  That being said, Chris & Ashley as well as their wedding party were such good sports! We had them running, jumping, and hiking through the estate.  One of the most fun photographs to capture was the “Running Shot”; as we had our wedding party being chased by an imaginary T-Rex (Credit to Quinn Miller Photography for original idea).  A relatively simple idea at first again turned into a labor of love for Darren, sitting behind a computer tinkering away and trying to merge our prehistoric friend and our bridal party!  Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and want to say thank our beautiful newly weds for the opportunity to be with them on their special day.


  1. carrie leeder says

    Hayley these pictures are beyond beautiful! They caption every moment of my sisters wedding perfectly and ive never seen such life in photographs before. You both are very talented and I love your work!

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